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Recognizing the need for care in loved ones

Recognizing the need for care in loved ones during the holiday season

How are Grandma and Grandpa feeling this holiday season?

It is the time of year for holiday cheer and seeing relatives that you may not otherwise get to visit with on a regular basis.  While you may be sitting by the fire unwrapping presents, this may also be a good time to step back […]

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Child Support Wage Garnishment

Child Support Wage Garnishment

 I have a Child Support Order, now what?

Oftentimes, getting a Court Order is merely the first step in the process of collecting child support.  There are two main options for payment on the Uniform Support Order, which is the form used to establish a child support order in New Hampshire.  Option one is to have the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving text with pumpkins and leaves over dark wood backgroundThankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.  I love everything about it: getting together with family, good food, the change in season, warm sweaters, first snow… but this year feels a little different for me.  We are going into our 6th year as a firm and I […]


Medicaid verses Medicare

Medicaid verses Medicare

Medicaid vs Medicare written in a note. Health insurance concept.You have probably heard the terms “Medicaid” and “Medicare” many times, but do you know the main differences between the two programs?  If not, below is a very general description of Medicaid verses Medicare.


Medicaid is an assistance program through the federal government […]

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Domestic Violence: You are not alone

Domestic Violence: You are not alone

Stop Domestic ViolenceOne in four women in NH have been sexually assaulted and 41% of those assaults are reported under the age of 18.  83% of sexual assaults occur before the age of 25.  These statistics are scary.  Since starting my practice in family law, I knew that I […]

By |October 30th, 2017|Domestic Violence, FAMILY LAW, Restraining Orders|

Attorney Morneau selected as Co-Chair of the Collaborative Law Alliance of NH

Kate Morneau, Esq.

Law Office of Katherine J. Morneau
Nashua, NH

October 2017

Attorney Morneau was selected as the Co-Chair of the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire.  She has been on the Board of Directors of the organization since 2015.  The Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire includes lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial professionals that are trained to assist individuals reach agreements which meet the needs of the parties without going to […]

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Attorney LaRochelle speaks on Representing Trauma Victims

Liz LaRochelle, Esq.

Law Office of Katherine J. Morneau
Nashua, NH

October 2017

Attorney LaRochelle was a presenter at the New Hampshire Bar Association’s conference on Representing Trauma Victims: Cultivating a Trauma-informed Practice.  This program was funded in part by a grant awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice.


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What happens if I do not have a Power of Attorney?

What happens if I do not have a Power of Attorney?

 What is a Power of Attorney?

 General Durable Power of Attorney

When most people hear the term “Power of Attorney” they usually think of a General Durable Power of Attorney which is used to take care of financial issues.  Some people refer to this Power of Attorney as the “business power” because […]

Morneau Law Welcomes Paralegal, Karrie Benson

Karrie A. Benson, Paralegal

Law Office of Katherine J. Morneau
Nashua, NH

June 2017

Karrie A. Benson joined the Morneau Law Team this July.  Karrie recently graduated from Nashua Community College with a degree in Paralegal Studies.  Karrie will be the friendly face, handling many of the administrative tasks such as answering the phones and setting up appointments.

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What is a Primary Parent?

What is a Primary Parent?

In October 2005, RSA 461-A was enacted, changing the term from custody to residential responsibility in New Hampshire.  With that switch, the reference to a “primary parent” increased.  However, what does that term even mean?

Primary Parent Defined

In […]

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