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What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem, or GAL, may be appointed by the Court in a family case to represent the interests of the children.  Some say that the GAL functions as the “eyes and ears of the court” because the GAL conducts an investigation and makes a recommendation to the Court about what is in the children’s best interest.

Two Types […]

An Intern’s View of Family Court

Intern’s View of Family Court

The Family Division is where family cases are heard, including cases like divorce, parenting, and guardianship of minors. The Family Division is part of New Hampshire’s Circuit Court system, which also has separate District and Probate Divisions. There are 28 Family Division locations across the state, and the court location for any particular case is assigned based on […]

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Attorney Morneau selected to the 2018 Union Leader’s top 40 under Forty

Kate Morneau, Esq.

Law Office of Katherine J. Morneau
Nashua, NH

March 2018

Attorney Morneau was selected to the Union Leader’s top 40 Under Forty list for 2018.  The 28 women and 12 men chosen for the 2018 Class of 40 Under Forty have made professional and personal contributions to make New Hampshire a better place to live and work.  Join us for a reception and awards program at the Grappone Conference […]

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How does a Trust Work?

How does a Trust Work?

What is a Trust?

There are a wide variety of  legal documents that are referred to as a “Trust,” so in order to determine how a Trust works you must first define what type of Trust you are looking at.  In this Blog, a Trust refers to a Living Trust also known as a Revocable Trust, Intervivos Trust or a Revocable Living Trust.  […]

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Attorney Morneau receives 2018 NH Pro Bono Service Award

Kate Morneau, Esq.

Law Office of Katherine J. Morneau
Nashua, NH

February 2018

Attorney Morneau was selected to the 2018 list of the Pro Bono Program’s awards for Distinguished Pro Bono Service.  This award is given to attorney’s who make a commitment to providing legal representation to low-income families and individuals who would otherwise be left on their own to navigate the legal system.  The award will be presented at the NH Bar Association’s […]

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Social Media During Divorce

Social Media During Divorce

Social media serves as a platform on which to share your thoughts and opinions, and vent about the troubles of your daily life. When you are getting divorced, however, it’s crucial to filter your online behavior so that you treat your ex-partner with respect and avoid jeopardizing your reputation for the trials that lie ahead. Social media don’t during divorce: here are some tips to […]

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Recognizing the need for care in loved ones

Recognizing the need for care in loved ones during the holiday season

How are Grandma and Grandpa feeling this holiday season?

It is the time of year for holiday cheer and seeing relatives that you may not otherwise get to visit with on a regular basis.  While you may be sitting by the fire unwrapping presents, this may also be a good time to step back […]

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Child Support Wage Garnishment

Child Support Wage Garnishment

 I have a Child Support Order, now what?

Oftentimes, getting a Court Order is merely the first step in the process of collecting child support.  There are two main options for payment on the Uniform Support Order, which is the form used to establish a child support order in New Hampshire.  Option one is to have the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving text with pumpkins and leaves over dark wood backgroundThankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.  I love everything about it: getting together with family, good food, the change in season, warm sweaters, first snow… but this year feels a little different for me.  We are going into our 6th year as a firm and I […]


Medicaid verses Medicare

Medicaid verses Medicare

Medicaid vs Medicare written in a note. Health insurance concept.You have probably heard the terms “Medicaid” and “Medicare” many times, but do you know the main differences between the two programs?  If not, below is a very general description of Medicaid verses Medicare.


Medicaid is an assistance program through the federal government […]

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