What happens when my loved one dies?

What happens when my loved one dies?

What happens to their body?

When a loved one passes away there is often a brief period of chaos in the beginning where all the pressing details of funeral arrangements and emotions must be handled.  Hopefully your loved one made clear how they wished for their remains to be taken care of. 

Often people are too busy […]


I disagree with the estate administrator: now what?

I disagree with the estate administrator: now what?

I disagree with the estate administrator of the estate of a loved one: now what?  An estate administrator is someone who has been given control and authority over an estate.  If you have had a family member pass away someone most likely has been appointed as the fiduciary.  A fiduciary can be an  […]

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What is my role as Administrator?

What is my role as Administrator? 

Executor, Administrator and in some States, Personal Representative all describe the role of a fiduciary, or person trusted to act in the utmost “scrupulous good faith and candor.”  An Administrator of an estate is a fiduciary who has been assigned the task of overseeing the proper probate of the estate of a decedent who passed away without a Will, […]

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Why Can’t a Paralegal Give Legal Advice?

Why Can’t a Paralegal Give Legal Advice?

When you contact Morneau Law, a Paralegal will be answering your call.  You may ask a legal question, but you’re told the Paralegal cannot give you legal advice.  Why is this?  The main reason a Paralegal can’t answer your legal question is because of Rule 5.3 of the New Hampshire […]


What Happens to Your Belongings When You Die?

What happens to your belongings when you die?

The answer is: it depends.  Some of the things that might determine where your property goes, also referred to as your “estate,” when you pass are whether you are married; if you have a Will; if you have a Trust; and if you had a Trust was it properly funded?  Usually the most important thing to know is whether your loved ones […]

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What is the NH Trust Docket?

The Trust Docket was announced by the New Hampshire Circuit Court Probate Division in December of 2013 to make NH the most trust-friendly state.  Judge Cassavechia, a long standing judge who has presided in the probate court for over thirty years is now handling cases re-assigned to the Trust Docket as of January 1, 2014.  But what is a Trust Docket and how does it work?

What […]


When Mom Needs Medicaid, Could You Be Liable For Her Nursing Home Costs; Estate Planning Tips


Imagine an elderly mother, “Mom” being taken care of by her daughter, “Debbie.”  Mom executed a Power of Attorney for Financial Matters naming Debbie as her fiduciary or “Attorney-In-Fact”, so that Debbie can go to the bank for Mom and pay Mom’s bills using Mom’s money.   Mom’s health is failing and will need Nursing Home care, and she is going to need Medicaid to cover the […]