Domestic Violence: You are not alone

Domestic Violence: You are not alone

Stop Domestic ViolenceOne in four women in NH have been sexually assaulted and 41% of those assaults are reported under the age of 18.  83% of sexual assaults occur before the age of 25.  These statistics are scary.  Since starting my practice in family law, I knew that I […]

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New Year – Fresh Start

New Year – Fresh Start: The New Year Gives You Time to Evaluate Your Priorities

I wanted to take some time out from all the holiday cheer and address a serious situation that I find many of our clients and soon-to-be clients are in this time of year.  Now that 2016 is coming to a close, now is a great opportunity to reflect upon the last 365 days.  […]

New Hampshire set to amend criminal code to include domestic violence as crime

Currently in New Hampshire, there is no specific designation for a crime of domestic violence.  Recently, the New Hampshire Senate unanimously approved a bill that would change just that.  Many people have heard of the new bill titled “Joshua’s Law,” but how does this bill impact the criminal justice system here in New Hampshire?


The Bill:

Senate Bill SB […]

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