Assistance With Veterans Home Applications

What is the New Hampshire Veterans Home?

The New Hampshire Veterans Home is a place where Veterans, if they meet specific eligibility requirements, can go when they can no longer care for themselves. There are Federal and State Regulations as well as rules put in place by the facility that determine who can be admitted.

How Do I Apply?

You can find the application as well as a plethora of helpful information on their website:

Once it is determined that the Veteran meets eligibility standards, they can then begin the application to the New Hampshire Veterans Home. Although the application appears to be extensive, there are a few steps and some required documentation that you must provide in conjunction with the application in order to be approved.

What Documents Will I Need to Provide?

They ask for the completed application as well as 12 months of bank statements or investment accounts, trust documents, DD 2-14s, Social Security Card, copies of any estate planning documents, marriage certificates, a recent tax bill and several other documents as they pertain to the financial status of the Veteran. They also require a form to be filled out by the Veteran’s Primary Care Physician as well as some Medical and Criminal Releases so they can get additional needed information.

Who can I turn to for assistance?

The NH Veterans Home website has a lot of very helpful information and a whole page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions:

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For more information about the New Hampshire Veterans Home, please see their website at: