How does a Trust Work?

How does a Trust Work?

What is a Trust?

There are a wide variety of  legal documents that are referred to as a “Trust,” so in order to determine how a Trust works you must first define what type of Trust you are looking at.  In this Blog, a Trust refers to a Living Trust also known as a Revocable Trust, Intervivos Trust or a Revocable Living Trust.  […]

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What Should I Bring to an Estate Planning Consultation

What Should I Bring to an Estate Planning Consultation

So you’ve just scheduled an appointment to meet with an attorney at Morneau Law to go over your Estate Plan.  You may be wondering what you need to do to prepare, and if there is anything you will need to bring with your to your appointment. In some instances, there are certain documents you may bring that will […]

What Happens to Your Belongings When You Die?

What happens to your belongings when you die?

The answer is: it depends.  Some of the things that might determine where your property goes, also referred to as your “estate,” when you pass are whether you are married; if you have a Will; if you have a Trust; and if you had a Trust was it properly funded?  Usually the most important thing to know is whether your loved ones […]

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What is a Trust: Trusts 101

What is a Trust?

“What is a Trust?” is often a question that we hear from our clients.  This gave me the idea to write a What is a Trust:Trust 101 blog post to help with that question.  As a Paralegal at Morneau Law, I am the first person you speak to when you call us.  I know how overwhelming it can be to call an attorney’s office with […]

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Do I need a Trust?

Trust – Many people think Trusts are only for rich people; however they have a very important role in asset management and most importantly probate avoidance.  A Trust accomplishes the same things that a Will accomplishes with many extra added benefits such as probate court avoidance and benefits during your life.  A Will is always drafted along with a Trust, often described as a Pour-Over Will, which is […]

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What is the NH Trust Docket?

The Trust Docket was announced by the New Hampshire Circuit Court Probate Division in December of 2013 to make NH the most trust-friendly state.  Judge Cassavechia, a long standing judge who has presided in the probate court for over thirty years is now handling cases re-assigned to the Trust Docket as of January 1, 2014.  But what is a Trust Docket and how does it work?

What […]