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Choosing Your Realtor (Special Guest Blog)

Going through a divorce is a difficult and an emotionally charged time, and having to sell your home where you may have fond memories can be very difficult.

It’s important to choose a Realtor® who has experience in working with parties in conflict, has great communication skills and will keep both parties informed along the way. Remember, you hire a Realtor® for their professionalism and advise through the process from pre-listing through to the closing and many times beyond closing to help you find your next house.

Your Realtor® has a duty to act in good faith towards both parties, regardless of which spouse initiated the relationship. Remember, despite the situation, the goal is to get you the most amount of money in the shortest time frame with the least amount of stress.

Ann Bennett has over 10 years experience as a practicing attorney specializing in the areas of family law, probate and real estate. She brings her experience and expertise to benefit her clients in selling or purchasing a new home. She is client focused, detail oriented and work to get the best results to meet her client’s needs. With her history in the legal field, she is also uniquely qualified in handling the special needs of attorneys, divorced or divorcing parties or the executors and heirs through the probate process.

Ann Bennett