Collaborative Divorce Law in NH

Morneau Law offers an alternative to the adversarial system; Collaborative Law and Collaborative Divorce. Attorney Morneau is trained in Collaborative Divorce Law, which allows individuals to avoid an adversarial divorce, family law litigation or other disagreement in the court system. This Practice is client-centered and client-controlled. The process begins with an assessment of the individual needs of each client.

Learn why Kate Morneau believes collaborative divorce is a better option:

People Involved

Collaborative Law uses a team approach to resolve your dispute. Each client will have his or her own lawyer to support and advise them through this process. A Collaborative Coach and Financial Professional are used to complete the team.2014-0208-collaborative photo-kjm

Collaborative Coach

The Collaborative Coach is a licensed mental health professional and focuses on constructive communication, management of difficult emotions, conflict resolution, child development, family dynamics, and co-parenting techniques.

Financial Professional

The Financial Professional has one or more financial certifications and acts as a neutral expert in gathering and understanding relevant financial information (assets, debts, income, expenses).

Together this team will assist each client in making fully informed, intelligent and voluntary decisions.


  • Cuts out the expensive cost of contentious litigation
  • Allows the parties to move apart with mutual respect and dignity
  • The parties will create their own results on their own terms


Katherine J. Morneau, Esq.

Effective. Efficient.

We walk you through all of the steps, creating a solid plan to accomplish what needs to be done a quickly as possible.

Creative Problem Solving.

Each family case is different. Where we excel is creative thinking, coming up with fresh ideas and solutions that will work best for you and your family.

Collaborative Lawyer Kate Morneau is eager to help you. Call (603) 943-5647  or use our form to reach us now via email.

1. The first step will be an initial phone conversation.

2. The second step will be a meeting. You’ll walk away with an initial plan.


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