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Is Your Child Forgetting to do This Before Leaving for College?

When you are getting ready to send your child off to college it seems like there are a million things to do before they leave. While buying their new shower caddy and making sure they have all their books are important things, something you may not have thought about is getting your child’s essential legal documents in place. Now that your child is a legal adult (18 years or older), you cannot assist them with medical or financial matters without legal documents such as a Medical and Financial Power of Attorney. While this may not be something most people think about before leaving for college, it should be at the top of the to-do list.

Attorney Amanda Steenhuis explains that when a child reaches 18 years old, it is unclear who has the authority to make decisions on their behalf for their health and welfare in case of an emergency. Having them fill out a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney allows them to decide who can make decisions for them if the need arises and allows parents to feel confident knowing they are prepared.

Medical Power of Attorney

Preparing your child for college includes preparing them to deal with emergencies away from home. Having a Medical Power of Attorney in place gives the doctors clear authority to speak with you, if your student has a medical emergency. You will also be able to make medical decisions for your child with this document in place.

Financial Power of Attorney

Having a Financial Power of Attorney in place, allows you to able to check-in on your child’s student loans, credit card payments, or account status if they are incapacitated.

While some young adults may not initially like the idea of giving their parents full access to their accounts, the documents can be customized. That means that your student can decide when they want the documents to be in effect and exactly who they want to have these powers.

Back to School Sale – August

At Morneau Law we want to help you prepare your child for college. We are offering a special package price for college students to receive Power of Attorney documents for the month of August.

Attorney Steenhuis will schedule an hour and a half appointment with a reduced fixed price to:

  1. Meet with your child
  2. Draft the documents
  3. Have your child sign the Medical and Financial Power of Attorney and leave with original copies

Your student only has to bring themselves along with the name, phone number, and address of anyone they want to name as their agents. Attorney Steenhuis will talk them through the process and is more than willing to speak with parents to answer their questions.

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