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I disagree with the estate administrator: now what?

I disagree with the estate administrator of the estate of a loved one: now what? An estate administrator is someone who has been given control and authority over an estate. If you have had a family member pass away someone most likely has been appointed as the fiduciary. A fiduciary can be an executor or administrator. His or her conduct and the processing of the estate is guided by New Hampshire law and the Last Will & Testament. Often times, these positions are bonded, meaning an insurance policy is in place to cover any harm that is caused by negligence or mistakes.

Questions you may have regarding disagreement with the estate administrator:

What do you do if the person appointed is abusing their power or doing something that simply doesn’t feel right to you? What courses of action are available if you suspect the fiduciary is acting contrary to the wishes of your loved one that passed away? What if they are not handling the funds properly? What if they are doing things that are detrimental to the estate? Who should you call when the fiduciary is suspected of acting with his or her own interest in mind? Can you handle it yourself? Perhaps, but the rules and Court procedures can be very confusing for those not familiar with these types of matters. It is strongly suggested that someone in this situation seek the help of a legal professional to determine his or her options.

Plan of action:

When you have questions like this, odds are this is a sensitive subject concerning close family members. We understand that and can help you tread lightly if necessary to avoid unnecessary family conflict. The attorneys at Morneau Law know the rules and standards to which fiduciaries are held. They know which options are available to stop a fiduciary who is in violation of the law. Our attorneys know how to handle these types of situations with a common sense approach that is in compliance with Court requirements and the law.

If you wish to schedule a consult in Nashua, NH with one of our experienced estate administration attorneys, please call 943-5647. We would be more than happy to schedule a time for you to discuss the situation and see what steps are important moving forward.

Alycia Gelin