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Do I need a Will?

Do I need a Will? Before you make an estate plan you might want to know the important things that you and your attorney will need to discuss. At your first appointment it is important to go over all of your assets and the important people in your life in order to best determine the type of estate planning package you will need.

Your financial situation can also be a determining factor in that choice. Depending on what type of estate planning package you choose you will need to make decisions about key provisions in your estate planning documents.

Will – Every estate package needs to include a Will, whether you decide to draft a Trust or not. A Will outlines how you want what you leave behind to be distributed and who you want to take care of your children.

  • Beneficiaries: Who do you want to get your property once you have passed?
  • Fiduciaries: The executor is who you want to be in charge of taking care of all of the details, of distributing the assets in your estate and paying the bills left behind.
  • Guardians: If you have minor children, one of the most important decisions is who you want to nominate as guardian of them should you and your partner pass.
Sarah A. Paris