Does New Hampshire have Pet Custody?

Alycia is one of our Paralegals who is a lover of pets

Alycia is one of our Paralegals who is a lover of pets

In honor of National Puppy Day (March 23rd) we put together this blog on pets.  Our clients often ask if the Court can address their pets in a custody agreement?  In any separation where a couple has pets the question is who gets the dog or can we share the dog?

How are Pets Treated in New Hampshire?

The short answer is YES; pet custody is a real thing!

It is widely known that not all “children” in a family are humans; some are pets.  Some people refer to their pets as their “fur babies” and we are seeing more and more cases where the living arrangements and visitation of jointly acquired pets is becoming an issue and sodocurce of contention between separating couples.  While we at Morneau Law love our pets, and agree whole-heartedly that pets are family, in the eyes of the law in New Hampshire, pets are treated as personal property, as would be a piece of furniture or an automobile. scout

Where do I turn if we’re separating and cannot agree on who gets to keep Rosco?beedee

As with any dispute between two people dissolving a relationship, it is wise to seek the advice of an experienced Attorney who knows the laws and has your best interest at heart.  There are many options when it comes to property settlement and depending on your particular situation, you may be best suited to work it thro ugh the Collaborative process, or perhaps you need an Attorney who can negotiate an amicable visitation schedule where you each get to time with the pet.  However complicated, adversarial or contentious the situation may be, we Latteunderstand how passionate people feel about their pets and will work hard to help you resolve your matter in a caring environment.

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