estate administration

estate administration

Should you be in the unfortunate position of losing a loved one and need to deal with the complicated procedure of settling the estate we can help you to navigate the probate process. If the individual who has passed had a trust in place then we can help you to properly administer the trust and settle the Grantor’s estate in the proper fashion.

Thirty (30) day deadline

When someone passes away in the state of New Hampshire with a valid Will, the person nominated Executor of the Will is expected to present the Will along with a valid death certificate to the corresponding Circuit Court Probate Division.  Each county only has one probate division the location of which can be found by clicking here Our office is located a short walk to the Hillsborough County Probate Division.

Depending on the status of the person who has passed, also called the “decedent,” there may or may not be a filing fee, the price of which will depend on the value of the estate.  The first deadline the nominated Executor must meet is the requirement to file with the Circuit Court Probate Division within 30 days of death.  If you feel that you need assistance to get through the probate process it is advisable to contact us prior to the thirty (30) day deadline so we can assist you in deciding which type of administration to file with the Court.  Call (603) 943-5647 or use our form to reach us now via email.

Types of Administration

  • Waiver of Full Administration: This type of administration is probably one of the easiest probate processes and exists in a few situations with and without a Will present.  Generally the circumstance surrounding this type of administration is when only one beneficiary (with the exception of when it is the parents of a decedent who are administering the estate together) exists.
  • Voluntary Administration: This type of administration is generally inapplicable as the decedent involved would have had to die prior to January 1, 2006.  A different petition then the usual Petition for Estate Administration is filed in these cases.
  • Regular Administration: This type of administration speaks for itself.  If the situation of the decedent does not fit the alternate administrations above, then a regular administration is the only other option available.  Regardless of whether it is a Regular Administration or a Waiver of Full Administration case a Petition for Estate Administration is required to open the case with the Court and the appropriate fees and documentation is required at the time of this filing.

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The death of a loved one can be an emotionally overwhelming time.  Allow us to help you through the legal process and take some weight off your shoulders. 

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We walk you through all of the steps, creating a solid plan to accomplish what needs to be done a quickly as possible.

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Each estate case is different. Where we excel is creative thinking, coming up with fresh ideas and solutions that will work best for you and your family.

Estate Lawyers Beth Lorsbach, Sarah Paris, and Emma Stilson are eager to help you. Call (603) 943-5647  or use our form to reach us now via email.

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