There are five primary ways that the issues that arise in divorce proceedings decided:

  • Informal Decision-Making involves reaching an agreement with your spouse through informal discussions.
    Mediation uses a trained neutral third party to assist you and your spouse resolve issues.
  • Collaborative Law involves a team approach to resolving the issues in your divorce or separation. Team members include a coach, financial planner, lawyers and their clients.
  • Negotiation Between the Lawyers occurs where both you and your spouse hire attorneys that discuss resolutions on your behalf.
  • Court Litigation occurs where a marital master or judge makes a decision about the issues in your case after a hearing.

The method of resolution is completely up to you and what works best for you and your family in your current circumstances. In some cases, one method is used; however in other cases, a combination of methods may be used. We can assist you in determining what method or methods of resolution work for you.

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