Collaborative divorce attorneys are specially trained in this unique process and are committed to working cooperatively with one another, putting focus towards resolving disputes, rather than “inflaming a situation.” Collaborative divorce lawyers are able to offer insight into the ramifications of any prospective agreements.

It is important for both attorneys to focus on working towards achieving the best possible outcome for both parties without litigation. While both attorneys owe a duty to protect their client’s interest, in accordance with the rules of professional responsibility, they also know that the way to best serve their clients is by working together toward an equitable and satisfactory outcome. Collaborative divorce attorneys operate with the highest level of integrity and their intention is to always settle the case outside of the Courtroom.

At Morneau Law, we are dedicated to assisting our clients by ensuring that the collaborative divorce process is completed smoothly and with the goal that both individuals leave feeling as though they were in control of the outcome and that their case was fairly settled.

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