A good place to start when it comes time to probate someone’s Estate is to either meet with an attorney or visit the court website. The New Hampshire Probate Division has created a number of Court forms in order to make the probate process more “user friendly.” The New Hampshire Circuit Court’s website contains a number of resources, including almost all of the forms an individual will need in order to initiate Estate proceedings. These forms can be found here.

There are different types of Estate administration that can be done in order to facilitate the handling of a decedent’s assets. However, nearly all Estates are opened by filing a Petition for Estate Administration. Within the Petition for Administration, you can then indicate that you are filing the matter as a Waiver of Full Administration, which is a more simplified version of probate. However, a Waiver of Full Administration is only available in certain circumstances such as when a spouse is the sole beneficiary named in in the decedent’s Will and the spouse has also petitioning to become as the administrator of the Estate.

Once you file the initial paperwork with the Court, you will then likely be required to complete an Inventory detailing the decedent’s assets at date of death, manage the assets and debts in the Estate, and carry out a number of different duties as the Estate administrator.

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