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How Do I Protect My Children’s Inheritance After I Re-Marry?

How do I protect my children’s inheritance after I re-marry? Estate Planning can be a difficult task for some to embark upon. This may seem a Herculean effort when you add in the complicating factor of a blended family. It doesn’t have to be as hard as people think. With a little forethought and some help from a thorough Estate Planning attorney everyone’s needs and wants can be met.

What are some of the options when planning for my children from a previous marriage?

In New Hampshire there are a variety of methods to address the issue of distribution of assets upon passing. In the case of second marriages with children from a prior relationship, the use of Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, and/or already existing Estate Planning tools such as Wills and Trusts can help protect your child or children from being divested of a previously planned inheritance.

  • Prenuptial Agreement: A Prenup is an agreement made prior to marriage that helps to decide what happens when a marriage ends, but can also be used to protect a child’s assets or inheritance as well.
  • Postnuptial Agreement: If already married, not to worry, in the State of New Hampshire the Courts will also enforce a Postnup, which can have the same effect as a Prenup if worded properly.
  • The importance of these agreements is they are an efficient way to ensure that someone you are currently married to is not afforded to the “right” to a spousal share should you pass away.

Will a Trust or Will protect my children from having their inheritance taken by my current spouse?

Yes and no. There is a statute in place to protect surviving spouses from being left penniless, which can be read here This statute allows a surviving spouse to claim one-third of the value of their passed spouse’s estate (personalty and realty) after payments and debts of the estate administration are paid off. That is a very simplistic explanation of the statute and how it works.

Unless some creative Estate Planning has been done, or a Prenup or Postnup has been executed waiving the statutory rights, then a spouse is guaranteed this third by law. Estate Planning in concert with a good financial planner can help you to effectively take care of your children after you are gone.

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Sarah A. Paris