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How Do You Calculate Child Support?

If you are going through a divorce or custody dispute, than you may be aware that you will likely be either receiving or paying child support. In New Hampshire, child support is calculated based off of a formula, which the state has created for the court system to use. This formula has been determined based on the New Hampshire’s Child Support Guidelines law, RSA 458-C. Judges have very limited discretion when it comes to their ability to deviate from these set guidelines.

Child Support Calculator 101

You can find what is called the child support calculator on the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services website. What the calculator does is take the income of the obligor (the parent paying support) and the income of the obligee (the parent receiving support) and plug it into the formula. The child support calculator also looks at a few other financial obligations for example: childcare and the number of children requiring support. The calculator found on the state’s website is there to provide an estimate of ones child support obligation based on the parties financial situation.

When the court determines child support, they use what is called the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. This worksheet takes into consideration the same items listed above, as well as a few others. A copy of this worksheet can be found on the DHHS website with the child support calculator.

Other documents you need

In order for the Judge to complete the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, both parents are required to complete a Financial Affidavit. Financial Affidavits are included in the packet of information provided at First Appearance. You can also find the form on the court’s website and at the court. When filling out your Financial Affidavit you will need a copy of your most recent pay stub.

Because this is an affidavit, this means you are providing your sworn statement that everything you are including in it is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. The more accurate you are the more accurate the court will be in determining child support for your child or children.

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