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How to Save Money on Divorce: Part One

How can I save money while going through a divorce?” is often a question that comes up from clients. We understand that divorce is expensive and time consuming. We have put together a few tips to help you save money and keep your divorce as efficient as possible.

Choose your Attorney Carefully:

When interviewing attorneys in the Nashua area, ask them how they approach divorces. Listen for ideas like, compromise, best interests, being reasonable. Usually when an attorney uses those types of words, they are willing to work with the other side, which will save you money. You don’t want your divorce to turn into a battle with the other side, this just prolongs the process and ends up costing you more money in the long run.

Be Brief:

Every minute you spend talking to your attorney or assistant about your case, you will most likely be billed for at an hourly rate. Keep your conversations brief and to the point. This will save you money. Before you pick up the phone, you might want to email your attorney with your questions. Your attorney can respond in a timely manner and this may answer your questions more efficiently. Of course you cannot avoid meeting with your attorney for strategy meetings and to get their legal advice on the law but you can limit the in between interaction by being brief..

Provide Financial Documents Organized and Quick:

Exchange information about your financial matters with your lawyer as soon as possible and in an organized manner. Here is a list of information you will be required to provide to the other side. If your assets consist of a home, cars and retirement accounts, you should be able to have information on these assets in an electronic format. If you are not able to exchange information quickly, then you will have to exchange information through formal discovery, which can cost a lot more. This will cause you to spend money for your attorney to prepare written questions and request for documentation.

Use the Support Staff:

You don’t always have to speak directly with the attorney. Many times when calling with questions or information for your attorney, you can speak with their Paralegal/Assistant. A Paralegal/Assistant cannot give legal advice but they can certainly take down any questions or information you may have for the attorney and get back to you with an answer. A Paralegal/Assistants rate is usually much lower than your attorney, so this will save you money and may even get you a quicker answer.

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Katherine J. Morneau