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How To Save Money On Divorce: Part Two

Going through a divorce can be tough, and can be costly. You can help control the cost of your divorce with the following tips:

When should I file for Divorce?

That depends on each case. If you and your spouse are getting along, you should try and settle your case out of Court. If you come to an agreement together or with your attorney’s, you can file all your paperwork with the Court at one time. This will save you a substantial amount of money. You will not have to pay for your attorney to go to Court with you.

 How should I file if there has been misconduct?

Usually all you have to prove to get divorce is that there has been an irremediable breakdown of the marriage, and if one spouse says there has been, then there has been. The cause of your divorce is not usually important to your case. If there has been adultery, extreme cruelty of either party to the other or a number of other issues under the law, you could file a divorce with “grounds.” That is something you will want to discuss with your attorney but usually drives the cost of litigation up.

Fighting about things you don’t care about?

If there is something that your spouse insists on having and you don’t really want it, don’t fight about it. You could spend thousands of dollars fighting over insignificant things just to get back at your spouse. Ask yourself is it really worth fighting over and spending money you don’t have?

Do you know how your attorney is spending your money?

Your attorney should keep you posted as to what is going on with your divorce. A good way to keep track of where is money is going, review your invoices from your attorney each time you receive one. The invoice should show all work done on your case. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney if something can be done less expensively, or tell him or her that you can get the information or documents requested to help keep your costs down. Most attorneys are happy to have you assist in this manner.

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