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Introducing Your Kids To A Significant Other

Introducing your kids to a significant other can be a tricky situation. When to do so, unfortunately, is not always so clear, but rather it requires the consideration of a number of factors.

The most important factor to consider when deciding to introduce your kids to a significant other is timing. How long have you and the children’s mother or father been apart? How much time have the children had to adjust? How long have you and your significant other been dating? Have you allowed yourself enough time between relationships? The short answer when it comes to timing is, don’t rush it!

It is important for your kids that they have stability and consistency before adding another party into the mix. Children can be very possessive of their parents after a significant event such as divorce and really need their parents to put them first. If you rush introducing your kids to a significant other, you may make them feel like they are not your priority and instead your significant other is your priority. This is not only detrimental to your relationship with your kids, but also to any potential future relationship between your kids and your significant other.

Additionally, you want to be sure that if you are bringing another person into your children’s lives, that they see your relationship as long-term. You may be thinking, relationships are unpredictable and nothing is guaranteed but you need to be sure that you and your significant other are both envisioning a future that involves one another. This means having real conversations about where you see your relationship going and having a clear understanding of what you both want and need out of your relationship. If your significant other says that they are not interested in being a step-parent, perhaps it is time to close that chapter.

Introducing your kids to a significant other can be tricky, be sure you’re ready and most importantly be sure your kids are ready. There is no need to rush into anything; take the time to build a solid relationship with yourself, your children, and finally your significant other. When the time is right you’ll know! If you are still unsure if the time is right to introduce your kids to a significant other, there are many amazing therapists in the Nashua area out there to help work out the timing and will even meet with your children to prepare them for this introduction if necessary. Contact us if you would like the name of a few therapists in the Nashua area.

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