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Power Of Attorney – Two Forms You Need

We often see people at the start of a new year who want to take care of their estate planning needs, which would include Power of Attorneys. There are two basic Power of Attorney forms; one for financial decisions and one for health care decisions. These documents allow you to designate someone to make vital decisions if you cannot. It is important to have both forms to ensure that you are protected.

Picking Your Agents

When choosing who will be your agent, you will want to pick someone who is responsible and trustworthy. The person you choose does not have to be the same for both responsibilities.

Many of my clients have chosen one of their children for the financial Power of Attorney and another for the health care Power of Attorney. If you have a trusted family member or friend in the medical field they may be the best choice for the health care Power of Attorney. On the same note, should you know someone who may be particularly good with finances, they could be your best choice as the financial Power of Attorney agent.

Drafting Process

We usually can have these documents drafted within the same week of your initial meeting. You will meet with one of our attorneys to discuss the different options, which takes approximately one hour. The next meeting will be to sign the documents. You will not be charged for these meetings or any back and forth questions you may have. You only pay for the estate planning documents. Our attorneys are happy to sit down with you to explain your options. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your estate planning needs.

Katherine J. Morneau