Family Law

Hiring a New Hampshire family law attorney requires investing in a partnership to understand your legal matter and goals when it comes to divorce, child custody or even grandparent rights, which is why the New Hampshire family law offices of Morneau Law is committed to your specific legal endeavors from beginning to end. Our highly skilled and proficient legal team is dedicated to upholding your legal rights to deliver results for our clients at every turn. We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and committed to your cause.

We understand that your family is your first priority and that is why we take special care in handling these matters. There are many alternatives to the lengthy litigation process through the court system and we will advise you of the best way to resolve your dispute. At Morneau Law, our goal is to help you through these troubled times, to come alongside you and take over the stressful burden, to manage the details you don’t have time to think about, and to work aggressively to protect your best interests.



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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law allows individuals to avoid an adversarial divorce, family law litigation or other disagreement in the court system. This practice is client-centered and client-controlled. The process begins with an assessment of the individual needs of each client.

Collaborative Law uses a team approach to resolve your dispute. Each client will have his or her own lawyer to support and advise them through this process along with a Collaborative Coach and Financial Professional to complete the team. The Collaborative Coach is a licensed mental health professional and focuses on constructive communication, management of difficult emotions, conflict resolution, child development, family dynamics, and co-parenting techniques. The Financial Professional has one or more financial certifications and acts as a neutral expert in gathering and understanding relevant financial information (assets, debts, income, expenses).

Together this team will assist each client in making fully informed, intelligent and voluntary decisions. This legal approach can cut the expensive cost of contentious litigation by allowing the parties to move apart with mutual respect and dignity by creating their own results on their own terms.



Going through a divorce can be an extremely difficult time for you and your family, especially if you have children. It is our priority to listen to your concerns and goals carefully. We will be there to guide you through this process each step of the way and ensure that your rights are protected. There are many alternatives to the lengthy litigation process through the court system, including mediation and collaboration, and we will advise you of the best way to handle your situation.


Parenting Rights and Child Custody

We understand that your children come first. When parties do not agree on a parenting schedule, we will come up with creative solutions. You should feel comfortable and trust your attorney when it comes to sensitive matters such as your children.


Child Support

It is important to understand your rights regarding child support. New Hampshire uses a formula in determining the amount child support owed but that amount could change depending on your particular circumstances. Allow us to assist you with this process, whether you need to establish support for the first time or are looking to enforce or change an order already in place.


Post Divorce

If you have a problem that arises after your divorce, allow us to help you navigate through this process. There are many rules regarding modification of your divorce order and we have the knowledge and skills to prepare you for this path.


Grandparent Rights

In some situations grandparents may request to have scheduled visits with a grandchild. We understand that this is a delicate matter and one most individuals are not familiar with. We have experience representing both grandparents and parents in these cases.



When a loved one requires the assistance of a guardianship the process can seem overwhelming. We have represented individuals in adult and minor guardianship matters and will ensure your matter is handled with dignity and respect.


Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are put in place to protect the safety and welfare of an individual and his or her family. A hearing in this matter is usually scheduled within a very short period of time and will have significant implications for all parties involved. Allow us to guide you through this difficult time and protect your rights.


Termination of Parental Rights

The decision to terminate parental rights can be very difficult, and the process of doing so can be even more confusing. If you are in a situation where you feel it is in your child or children’s best interest to terminate parental rights but don’t know how you should proceed, please feel free to contact us. An attorney at our office would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the legal and emotional components of terminating parental rights and responsibilities.


Prenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract between a couple that will allow them to say how they want their current and future assets divided if there should ever be a divorce. A Prenuptial Agreement is put in place before the marriage but we are also able to draft a similar agreement (Postnuptial) after the wedding. It is important to have an attorney draft this agreement to ensure that your wishes are upheld down the road.


Postnuptial Agreements

Similar to Prenuptial Agreement, a Postnuptial Agreement is a contract between a married couple that allows them to decide how they want their current and future assets divided in the event of a divorce. A Postnuptial Agreement is put in place after the marriage, unlike a Prenuptial Agreement which is entered into before marriage. It is important to have an attorney draft this agreement to ensure that your wishes are upheld should anything happen.



Sometimes a child is simply not born of the people who were meant to be their true parents. If you are looking to make a relationship between your child and their “true” other parent official, then let us help guide you through the steps of the adoption process. We have helped a number of loving parents accomplish the legal paperwork and steps required by the Court so that the term “step” is no longer needed and the true parent is legally just that.