Medicaid Planning

Elder law and medicaid planning involves planning for the complex healthcare, long-term care, and other issues facing elderly and disabled individuals and their families. When a person becomes unable to care for themselves due to illness, most people need to at reside in a nursing or rehabilitation facility so they can have constant and consistent specialized care. Today, the average cost for nursing homes is approximately $7,000 per month which can be a major financial impact no matter what a person’s income. For some, private paying for a nursing home is simply impossible. For others, private pay is financially feasible initially, however, without proper planning, savings are promptly depleted which can place the spouse, child or other dependent in a precarious financial position. To enable a person to remain in a nursing home after one’s assets are gone or when one’s assets are minimal, the federal and state governments have established a system (Medicaid) which will pay for nursing home care if a person cannot afford to pay privately.

Navigating this complex system to ensure you and your loved ones have the proper planning and paperwork in place to secure the upmost care and financial protection is what Morneau Law does best. The law contains many programs to protect the family home, bank accounts, investments, automobiles, and other assets. Our depth of experience and expertise allows us to successfully advise clients on how they might achieve their goals, whether those are maintaining independence and dignity, preserving funds for children and grandchildren, or staying home rather than moving to assisted living or a nursing home.



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