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New Hampshire Now Allows Confirmatory Adoption for Same-sex Parents

2021 is sure to be a better year for us all, but even more so for New Hampshire same-sex spouses with children who were conceived via assisted reproduction.

Come January 1, 2021, non-biological parents can petition the Court to legally adopt their child for the purpose of confirming their legal relationship according to RSA: 170-B:4, VI.  You can read the text of the confirmatory adoption House Bill 1162 here.

This is very exciting news for same-sex spouses who have lived too long with the worry that their legal relationship with their children may be in jeopardy and could be subject at any time to being reversed or not recognized in accordance with the prerogative of the current and future administrations.

While it is wonderful and worth celebrating that same-sex marriages are being recognized in all fifty states, it’s about time that the non-biological parents of children conceived with assisted reproduction be protected and assured that their constitutional right to parent is no longer debatable.

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Alycia Gelin