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Should I Get A Divorce?

Should I get a divorce?” is a question that I get asked frequently by new clients.

If you are asking this question there is something going wrong in your marriage but it does not mean you can’t fix it. I often ask my clients if they have not tried counseling to give it a shot. One thing you don’t want to have is regret that you didn’t try every option to make it work; especially if you have children. There are some wonderful marriage counselors out there that can work with not only you and your spouse but also your children if that is appropriate.

Many times even if a couple decides to get divorced, I will recommend that my client seek the assistance of a counselor for him or her as well as for the children. The stress of conflict in a marriage effects the entire family and those who have sought the assistance of a professional therapist often find healthier ways to handle this stress.

If you have tried counseling and you are still not happy, divorce may be your next step. Here are a few more resources that may help:

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Feel free to give us a call if you are looking for a name of a counselor or just want to talk about your options.

Katherine J. Morneau