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Should I Get a Second Opinion with Another Divorce Consultation?

Seeking a second opinion is common when hoping to find the right guidance on specific matters, so why is it that people are often reluctant to get a second advisory opinion when receiving recommendations about divorce, property division, parenting time, child support, or supporting an ex-spouse?

If you received a serious medical diagnosis and a recommendation for surgery, you’d likely seek a second opinion. You’d want the extra opinion because a misdiagnosis with your health can have significant consequences. Or, to ensure your long-term financial well-being, you may want a second opinion from an independent financial advisor to make sure your portfolio is structured to meet your goals. In short, know that it is perfectly okay to reach out to more than one lawyer to discuss your legal needs prior to retaining the first attorney you meet.

Most people (other than lawyers) are not familiar with the nuances of the legal system, the specific judges you may appear before, and the complexity of legal strategy. When working with unfamiliar matters and issues, it makes sense to have all the information you can to make informed decisions about your case.

Divorce and family law is complex, so seek a second opinion if:

  • Your attorney doesn’t seem familiar with the law or the complexity of your case.
  • There appears to be no overall plan for the case, the case is not moving forward, and there’s no end in sight.
  • You are not being well prepped for hearings.
  • Your lawyer is not seeking or receiving thorough discovery of financial documents.
  • You can’t get meaningful answers or clear strategies from your attorney about the case.
  • Your relationship with your lawyer is strained, and you want confirmation that you are getting good advice and that your case is being properly handled.

And lastly, the cost of a second opinion is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of your case, and much less costly than an unfavorable result.

With additional consultations, you may end up paying for an hour or two of a lawyer’s time, but whether you change attorneys or not, the additional consultation will provide clarity. You may get valuable advice and reassurance about your case, or it may help you decide if another lawyer is a better fit.

The divorce attorneys at Morneau Law are available for first, seconds and third opinions and will sit with you to guide you through the nuances of your specific case during your consultation. Contact us today to learn more. Virtual services are available.

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