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Family Law Clients

“Last year I was having a very difficult time co-parenting with my ex-wife. Relations had deteriorated to the point where communication was non-existent. Important, unilateral decisions were taken in a way which I believed violated our parenting plan. These unilateral changes effectively negated our joint legal custody, reducing me to the status of bystander, instead of father.

For the first time in my life, I was faced with the possibility of needing to take legal action to insure that my rights as a parent were maintained. More importantly, I needed to gain accurate knowledge of my child’s new living conditions, to ensure her complete safety and security.

With Katherine’s help, we were able to turn the situation around quickly. I gained critical information, and was able to ensure the safety of my child. In the subsequent few months, I went from having little say in my child’s life to an equal partner whose legal rights were once again fully respected. With Katherine’s help, good communication and cooperation has been restored, and my ex and I are now civilly and amicably co-parenting again on all issues related to our child’s upbringing. I can’t highly enough recommend the services of Katherine Morneau.”

I worked with Kate on a child custody/child support case and a grandparent visitation case. Both cases resulted in my favor and I could not be more happy with the way that things worked out. Kate was amazing throughout the whole ordeal and I always felt like she was well prepared, confident and, most importantly, really cared about my case.”

I began my business relationship with Kate Morneau when she was handling a very drawn out and contentious divorce for me.  I was soon to learn that even though Kate looks young and sweet on the outside, she can be a tiger in the courtroom. She is a consummate professional who has an in-depth knowledge of NH case law, which was invaluable when working against an attorney from MA.

Whenever I went in to see her, even unannounced, she would invite me in and chat about the case and about how I was doing. She was working on my case constantly, doing all those behind-the-scenes things that exceptional attorneys do. She never stopped her concern for me personally, as well as legally. Kate constantly built me up emotionally and physically and helped me get through the darkest days. She worried about me when no one else did. I’ve often told Kate that she saved my life. I’m not sure if she comprehends what she really did for me, above and beyond “lawyering”, but I will never forget what she gave me. She gave me my life back. She was my rock through 4+ years of hell.

I had a gift for her when my case was finally over.  It was homemade and rustic, but it served. The words I painted? “You were my rock”. Corny I know, but oh so well deserved. It sits in her office.

I now proudly count Kate as both my attorney and my very good friend. Everything happens or a reason. Sometimes things are just meant to be. “

Estate Planning Clients

“I came to Attorney Morneau’s office for a will. She was very helpful in pointing out matters that I had not thought about (for example, who my contingent devisees or beneficiaries should be and how that provision of my will should be phrased) and in ensuring that my wishes were carried out. We also drafted my will to ensure that my younger relatives would not inherit any assets until after they graduated from college, so as to minimize the likelihood that these assets would affect their eligibility for financial aid. Attorney Morneau drafted my will promptly and showed great attention to detail, which is the hallmark of excellence in the legal profession. I strongly recommend that you contact Attorney Morneau to discuss your estate planning issues.”