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Understanding How Child Support is Calculated

New Hampshire both parents have a duty to support their minor children until the child reaches 18 years of age or graduates high school, whichever is later. However, the court can extend that requirement past 18 in certain circumstances, like when a child is disabled.

When determining support, the courts apply a formula that considers both parent’s incomes, whether there is cost to one or both of them for medical insurance, daycare, whether they pay any State income taxes, whether they have a mandatory retirement they contribute to along with other factors.

This formula, used in determining support payment amounts, is designed to support both parents’ standard of living while the children are in their care.

To make sure you do not agree to or become subject to an unfair child support order, let the family law attorneys at Morneau Law evaluate your case to help you determine a reasonable and statutorily-compliant amount.

You may be best served by hiring an experienced family law lawyer to properly conduct discovery and review all available financial resources. We can do this in a collaborate manner to avoid the need to go to court. We also offer a limited representation just to assist you with this process if you want to simply run through some options.

When Modifications Are Needed

Child support orders can be modified if certain circumstances exist. Certain changes in situations or parenting arrangements may warrant a modification of your child support order.

At Morneau Law, our family law and divorce attorneys are highly-experienced in both getting support reduced or increased, depending on the circumstances. In many cases, we can work together to avoid court and simply prepare an agreement to be submitted to the court. If you are seeking to modify child support, call us today to discuss the facts of your case.

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