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Updated Criminal Annulment Law: Allows Rehabilitation

Have you ever been arrested in New Hampshire? Do you have a past New Hampshire conviction that is interfering with your job search? If so, the Law Offices of Katherine J. Morneau may be able to help.

Criminal arrests and convictions can be sealed through a process called annulment. Utilizing this process makes sure that criminal convictions are only available to the person whose records were annulled, his or her attorney, law enforcement officers, and the Court.

One of the benefits of having arrests and convictions annulled is that these records no longer are available to possible employers. Under New Hampshire law, once a conviction is annulled you are to be treated in all respects as if you had never been arrested, convicted, or sentenced for a crime. If you feel as though you would benefit from this process or have questions about any criminal matter, please call the Law Offices of Katherine J. Morneau, PLLC to set up an appointment for a free ½ hour consultation today!

Katherine J. Morneau