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What are virtual meetings and how do I join one?

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, non-essential offices have been closed and in-person meetings have been canceled.  This is understandable, but those in the Client service professions must now look to other options for serving our Clients.   At Morneau Law, we have decided to utilize available technology to keep our Clients’ cases moving and providing them with the peace of mind that we are still here, we’re with you and we are all working hard to make sure that you know your legal team has your back.  Accordingly, we are scheduling meetings using a virtual meeting space.  There are several options that can be exercised in this day in age, but we have chosen to work with Zoom.

Zoom is an online virtual meeting space wherein the host, typically Morneau Law, invites the Client and/or Opposing Party, Counsel and Professionals to the virtual meeting.  Using the video chat feature, all participants can see not only each other, but they can also share and view documents on the screen, if that option is chosen.  This facilitates effective meetings and even settlement negotiations, which is a big part of what we try to accomplish for our Clients.

There is even an option for participants to break off into separate chat rooms, so that they can discuss things that they wouldn’t necessarily want to discuss in front of the group.  We find that this a wonderfully useful tool and are taking full advantage of all of its benefit so that we can meet with Clients and Prospects, alike.  Using e-mail to send consultation documents back and forth has also been effective and although we all prefer in-person appointments, we are pleased to be able to offer this alternative while we all navigate these uncharted waters together.

How does it work?

If you decide to meet with us using the Zoom service, you will be e-mailed a link which will bring you directly to the chat room with your Attorney.  Click on the Zoom link. This will open your web browser to Zoom.

  • Click on ‘Open Zoom Meetings’
  • Click ‘Join with Video’
  • Click join with computer audio.

It will ask you if you would like to join the meeting in progress, to which you would choose “yes,” and then your Attorney will appear on your screen where you can begin conversations and even invite others to join, if the situation warrants.  From there you can share screens to view documents and converse.

Is this a good fit for my case?

We are finding that Zoom virtual meetings is a great place to hold consultations for family law cases, like divorce and parenting matters as well as estate planning consultations, to discuss your goals and make a plan. We can also meet with Clients about trust and estate administration matters.  Many Clients with previously scheduled in-office appointments are choosing to use Zoom or telephone conferences and are continuing to make progress with their respective matters.

What if I need something filed with the Court?

In cases that are not electronically filed, we are making accommodations to have a team member come to the office to prepare and file documents with the Court when necessary.  The Court is still open for emergency mattes such as domestic violence restraining orders and parenting issues.

Can I execute my estate plan?

The Team at Morneau Law is working hard to stay current with the Orders and guidance from the Governor and the NH Judicial Branch so that we can remain in compliance, stay safe and meet our Clients’ needs.  Governor Sununu issued an Emergency Order on March 23, 2020 offering some guidance and facilitating the ability to notarize documents signed by individuals not in the physical presence of the Notary.  With proper preparation and arrangements, we do have the ability to conduct estate planning document signings for our Clients without the need to come into the office.

Where do I learn more?

To discuss your options or to book a consultation with one of our Family Law, Elder Law or Estate Planning Attorneys, please feel free to give us a call at 943-5647 or through the “Contact Us” portion of our website.

Alycia Gelin