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What Are Uninsured Medical Expenses In Divorce?

As most parents know, children are expensive.  One reason can be that co-pays and other uninsured medical expenses not covered by insurance can add up quickly.  When you have parents that are separated and have a Uniform Support Order in New Hampshire, these uninsured medical expenses can be divided between the two parents.  This division is typically located in paragraph 17 of a Uniform Support Order.

What are uninsured medical expenses?

Uninsured medical expenses typically include prescriptions, health care appointments, including counseling, over the counter medications recommended by any health care provider, and any other ordinary and necessary health care expense. Often, attorneys will include language defining what is or is not an uninsured medical expense.


Uninsured medical expenses are also typically paid in the first instance by one parent, and then the other parent issues a reimbursement. However, if this reimbursement is not provided in a timely manner—the parent who paid the uninsured medical expense can ask the Court to intervene to assist with reimbursement. However, a parent seeking this assistance from the Court, should do so in a timely fashion and not let too much time lapse between the payment of the uninsured medical expense and the request for reimbursement.

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