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What Do I Need To Bring To A Divorce Attorney?

Meeting with a divorce attorney for the first time can be an intimidating process. The goal of this first meeting is to determine if you have found the right attorney for you. Hiring a family law attorney is as much about finding an experienced attorney as it is about finding someone you connect with. If the attorney does not make you feel relaxed, comfortable and heard you have not found the right attorney. You need to be able to open up and share what you are feeling along with your concerns. As a family law attorney, I often spend much of the first meeting listening to my clients and taking good notes.

What do I Need to Bring to a Divorce Attorney?

In order to have a productive meeting the attorney will need to have certain financial information. The Family Court Rules require a number of things to be shared with your spouse during a divorce. Here is a list of things to bring to a divorce attorney for your first meeting:

  • Most current four pay stubs for you and your spouse
  • Past three years of taxes
  • List of your assets
  • List of your debts

You can always contact the attorney’s office ahead of time to ask if there is anything specific the attorney will need to be sure. We often give our clients homework, which will allow them to gather any additional information after the meeting.

I try to focus the first meeting with my clients on explaining the divorce process and establishing his or her goals. I want to make sure my clients leave that first meeting feeling a sense of relief and knowing they are in good hands. Feel free to contact us to set up a consultation to see if we would be a good fit for you.

Katherine J. Morneau