What is a Primary Parent?

Attorney LaRochelle is available to help with family law questions

Attorney LaRochelle is available to help with family law questions

In October 2005, RSA 461-A was enacted, changing the term from custody to residential responsibility in New Hampshire.  With that switch, the reference to a “primary parent” increased.  However, what does that term even mean?

Primary Parent Defined

In New Hampshire Family Court, the primary parent is a designation given to the parent with whom a minor child or children live more than half of the time.  In some instances, there is not a primary parent.  Sometimes the Court orders or the parties agree upon a schedule in which the child(ren) spend equal or almost equal amounts of time with either parent.  Prior to October 2005, the term used was “custodial parent.”  NH RSA 461-A:20 clarifies this change.

Why does this matter?

When married parents divorce or non-married parents split up, they usually end up with a Parenting Plan approved by the Court.  The designation of primary parent influences different section of the Parenting Plan.  Two of the biggest areas where a primary parent designation comes into play are:

  • section B(1)(b), which deals with the minor child(ren)’s residential schedule
  • section C(1), which deals with the minor child(ren)’s school district

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