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What is Collaborative Divorce Training for Professionals?

Choosing the Collaborative Divorce Process allows you and your partner the ability to work together to reach an agreement that is specifically tailored to your unique situation rather than letting a Judge decide the outcome of your divorce in Court. Each Collaborative Team includes a Financial Neutral, a Mental Health Professional, as well as each party’s individual Attorney. In order to move forward with a Collaborative Divorce, both partners need collaboratively trained Attorneys. What exactly does this mean?

NH Collaborative Divorce Training

Collaborative Divorce New Hampshire held a two-day training last May to train attorneys, law students, financial neutrals, and mental health professionals on the Collaborative Divorce Process. Training all future Collaborative Team members together allowed each person to understand each role in order to better work together. The trainees were taught by some of the most experienced Collaborative Professionals in New Hampshire and were joined by previously-trained professionals looking to learn more and share their wisdom.

Throughout the two-day training, each trainee was brought through the entire Collaborative Divorce Process from beginning to end. They watched virtual and in-person examples of Collaborative Professionals working with divorcing couples; they role-played meetings; and they problem-solved divorce scenarios as a group. They were shown what to do and not to do when emotions start to rise and, when needed, how to get a couple back on track during meetings.

By the end of the two-day training, the trainees learned important skills on how to spot couples that would be better served by the Collaborative Divorce Process, as well as how to gear those skills toward working collaboratively to achieve the best result for the divorcing couple and their family.

Continued Resources for Collaborative Divorce

While the two-day training gave each trainee an abundance of information to allow them to practice collaboratively, it did not stop there. The trainees were provided with a packet of information to reference whenever they may need, directions on how to sign up for Collaborative Divorce New Hampshire, and a network of both seasoned and newly-trained Collaborative Professionals waiting to help them and their clients.

At Morneau Law, we believe so strongly in the Collaborative Divorce Process because of the many benefits it offers that not only did we provide three of our current attorneys with the ability to be collaboratively trained, but three past and current legal interns as well so they, too, can help future clients. If you would like more information on the Collaborative Divorce Process or want to explore using this method for your divorce, Morneau Law is here to help.

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