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What is Mediation and What are the Benefits?

Mediation is a process that involves a mediator, who acts as a neutral third party, assisting parties in reaching an agreement in various family matters including, but not limited to, divorce and parenting.

Voluntary Process

Private mediation is completely voluntary, both parties must agree to participate and sign an agreement to complete the process. The mediator does not act in one party’s individual interest, they assist both parties with facilitating an agreement and compromises.

Legally Binding Agreements

After both parties sign the agreements made in mediation, the agreements will need to be filed with the Court and approved. The mediator can assist the parties with understanding what the Court requires of these agreements, and brings legal experience, knowledge, and education to the table.

Neutral Facilitator

Mediators do not take sides or make decisions for the parties. The process is completely led by the parties’ priorities and interests. It is recommended that each party hires, or at least consults with an Attorney to assist them in the process, but it is not required.

Control of the Process

Mediation offers many benefits. Mediation allows each party to explain their wishes and negotiate a settlement with the other side. This gives individuals more power than if they were to go to Court and take their chances with what a Judge decides is fair.

Cost Effective and Quick Process

Oftentimes, mediation is more cost-effective than expensive litigation. It is also often a quicker process and allows the parties to schedule mediation around their personal and work life.

Generally, mediation is less high-conflict and is focused on negotiations and keeping tensions from boiling over. Mediators are highly trained and educated in the law, and can help explain what documents are needed and how the process works.

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Emily Hayes