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What Is The Child Impact Seminar?

All parents going through an initial divorce or parenting proceeding are required to attend the Child Impact Seminar or otherwise known as the Child Impact Program; “CIP” for short.  The CIP was established by the NH State Legislature under RSA 458-D in 1993 and is now offered in all ten counties of New Hampshire.  This is a four-hour seminar that outlines the effects the case could have on your children and how to help them deal with those issues.  The CIP also teaches effective co-parenting skills.

It is court-mandated that both parties attend the course within 45 days of the Respondent being served with the Petition.  Each party must file a Certificate of Completion with the Court when they are finished with the program.  Failure to attend the program could result in contempt findings and being sentenced to jail or fined.  There is a fee of about $85 per person for the CIP to be paid in advance, but if a party cannot afford the fee they should contact the seminar provider as they may qualify for reduced fees.

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The seminar is offered at many locations throughout New Hampshire. Below is a full list of Program Providers, which can also be found on the NH Judicial Branch Website.

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BELKNAP COUNTY:                

Laconia 524-1100 Genesis Behavioral Health

CARROLL COUNTY:                

Conway 447-2111 Carroll County Mental Health Services

Wolfeboro 447-2111 Carroll County Mental Health Services

CHESHIRE COUNTY:               

Keene 355-3071 Cheshire Mediation

COOS COUNTY:                      

Groveton 636-2555 Northern Human Services

GRAFTON COUNTY:               

Lebanon 448-0126 West Central Behavioral Health

Littleton 444-5358 Northern Human Services

Plymouth 536-1118 Genesis Behavioral Health


Manchester 628-7787 The Mental Health Center

Nashua 598-7155 x 3900 Community Council of Nashua


Concord 226-7505- x 3262 Riverbend Parent Child Center


Exeter 431-6703 Seacoast Mental Health Center

Portsmouth 431-6703 Seacoast Mental Health Center

Salem 434-1577 CLM Behavioral Health


Dover 749-3244 x732 Community Partners

SULLIVAN COUNTY:               

Claremont 448-0126 West Central Behavioral Health

Newport 448-0126 West Central Behavioral Health

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