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What Should I Bring to an Estate Administration Consultation?

Your loved one passed away and you have many questions about what to do next. You’ve heard conflicting stories from your friends and what their experiences have been with their relatives. You’re smart enough to know that every circumstance is different.

The only way to get sound and accurate advice when it comes to your particular scenario is by meeting with an Attorney who knows the law and who has your best interests in mind. So you’ve made the call and have an appointment with one of our experienced estate administration Attorneys. Well done! Kudos to you for knowing enough to ask for help when you need it. This begs the question: What should I bring to the consult?

Intake Sheet

When meeting with an Attorney regarding the administration of the estate of your loved one, the more information you bring, the more productive the meeting can be. You will be asked to fill out an Estate Administration Intake Form, which can be found on our website.

You can fill it out ahead of time and either submit to us prior to your appointment or you may bring it with you. In the alternative, you can arrive to your appointment early and fill it out as best you can at that time.

Additional Documents

Additionally, it would be helpful for you to bring:

    • an original or copy of the death certificate
    • your photo identification
    • a copy or the original, if possible, of the Decedent’s Last Will & Testament and any Trust documents, if there are any
    • copies of any deeds
    • statements of any financial assets or liabilities
    • listing of names and current contact information, including e-mail addresses, for all heirs and immediate family members

Your Questions

If you tend to get nervous, overwhelmed by the nature of this discussion or overcome with grief, it may be a good idea to bring with you a list of questions that you would like to have answered so that you remember to touch upon all the key points during your consultation.

Next Steps

If you have a loved one who has passed away and you could use some guidance with the estate administration process, please feel free to contact us in downtown Nashua, NH by calling at (603) 943-5647 and we would be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced estate administration Attorneys who will meet with you to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and outline the process for you so that you know what to expect from the opening to the closing of the estate.

Alycia Gelin