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Why Choose Collaborative Law?

Here at Morneau Law, we believe firmly in client satisfaction. Sometimes that goal can be elusive with our family law clients—but with Collaborative Law and the collaborative approach, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

What is Collaborative Law?

Before understanding why Collaborative Law can make such a huge difference in the family law context—it is important to first understand what it is. In Collaborative Law, the traditional adversarial paradigm is shifted to instead provide clients with the support, information, and structure they need to reach agreements that are voluntary and of maximum mutual benefit. There is a Collaborative Team that both people are a part of and that team’s goal is to successfully navigate the parties to the other side of the process.

What if I have kids—does Collaborative Process work still?

Yes! This Team approach can be particularly beneficial for young families that find themselves in the middle of the divorce process. Oftentimes the failed mediations and negotiations I see between parties and the parties’ attorneys are due to emotional obstacles or hurdles. This can be especially true when there are minor children shared between the parties. The Collaborative Team helps the parties navigate these hurdles to keep working towards the ultimate goal of coming to an agreed upon final outcome.

Another reason that the Collaborative Process can be a good fit for young families is based on the simple fact that children are work—and a lot of it. And despite the breakdown of the relationship of the two parties—both parents still love their children very much and often worry how the divorce process will affect the children. When parents participate in the Collaborative Process—they are illustrating for the kids that the two parents are willing to continue to work together for the benefit of the children. That is a very powerful message to send the kids—one which can have a very positive impact on how the children view their parents’ divorce.

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Katherine J. Morneau